Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor Vol.1 2xLP

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor Vol.1 2xLP

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Tiger Lab Vinyl is proud to present the first volume in a series of scores to KAIJI: Ultimate Survivor. Hideki Taniuchi's upbeat, thrilling and artful compositions are available on vinyl for the first time ever in a 2XLP format. 

Side A  

  1. This World  
  2.  Beam Of Light 
  3. Lot 
  4.  Kaiji 
  5.  Man Racetrack 
  6. Green 

Side B 

  1.  Wish 
  2.  Line Of Light 
  3.  String Of Light
  4.  Memories 
  5.  This World II 

Side C 

  1.  Kaiji Theme 
  2.  Predicament 
  3.  Espoir 
  4.  Despair 
  5.  Ship Of Hope

Side D 

  1.  Regret 
  2.  Chest 
  3.  Child's Mind 
  4.  This World III 
  5.  Beginning
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